My indulgence has wrought nothing but destruction–

self and otherwise.

I have to leave this place and,

though I’m not exactly sad at the prospect,

I am afraid.

The unknown is always a dark place, isn’t it…

and worse when we allow ourselves

to become vulnerable to its inevitability.

An endless cycle of torment–

or so it would seem.

The Light alluded to could penetrate that cycle,

that darkness.

I have sought and in seeking

have come to understand some ultimate truths.

I’ve laid bare my soul on paper.

I write and having writ

I have accomplished the one thing

I was never able to do: direct my rage.

My soul now lies exposed,

balancing precariously on the precipice,

and the result of this existential life lesson

is yet to be determined.

But by telling the demons to fuck off,

I have, most assuredly, regained some control.

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