O vision! O tumult! This is where lies despair.

We are all from beyond the grave,

living this life in a backward existence.

I need my senses dulled;

I beg of you–end my torment.

Drink from the fruits of the earth, my friend;

drink until you drown in the vile reality.

Sanity lies in the purging of the rage;

just beyond my reach, I’ve found.

Love and hate, life and death, hope and despair;

they combine and blur the perception.

The senses are heightened and it is deafening;

the senses are dulled and the silence threatens to destroy.

Race now and live your wicked lives;

eat and rink and dance

and walk on the earth as though you own it.

The time will come when we are all judged

and we will stand, shaking, trying to defend our actions.

I say this, and listen good:

If not for free will, we would do no harm.

We are weak with lust and pride and greed

for life and all that comes with it.

See me out death, you beast,

or I shall find you first.

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