The One With the Blanket Fort

I’m sitting in my office looking out the window and deep into a sunless sky, as I have been for at least a week now because whatever the hell weather front causes the sun to disappear and me to get all stabby has been stalled on top of us For. Ever. After the long cold winter, I was quite enjoying the beautiful weather Boston has been seeing since late spring (we actually HAD a spring this year, which is rare unto itself). I have been taking advantage of the heat and sunlight and re-energizing on a near daily basis by sitting on my deck for long stretches of time, reading, writing, gazing, dreaming, napping. I’ve even been tending to the garden when my energy and desire to do so happen upon me at once. The garden thus far has produced a copious harvest of…well, so far just strawberries. But all the plants have flowered and are growing wonderfully, and before I know it I’ll be enjoying the fruits (vegetables…HA!) of my labor. Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, peppers, squash, zucchini, green beans, corn, and the sweetest watermelon ever..though the damn gophers have been filling their annoying gopher bellies on my watermelon plants this year.

The sun’s heat and light are amazingly healing and soothing. Alas, for the past week or so the sun appears to be on hiatus, at least in these parts, and has been replaced by a dull, gray sky that is neither healing nor soothing. The monotonous gray is broken up only by the menacing black clouds that roll in just before the sky opens up and releases its deluge, soaking everything to near strangulation. Not a warm, gentle rain; the kind that poets write about walking in. No, no, rather a monstrous, thunderous, pelting rain; the kind that you want to hide from. But I’m trying out this new positive approach to life and the shit storms that tend to accompany it. 🙂 So, rather than wallow in the dark recesses into which I would surely wander if not for my newfound positive outlook, I have taken it upon myself to make the best of this sunless, drippy existence.

So today, rather than curse the universe for yet another crappy, dark, damp day, I decided I would practice some self-soothing and find a way to be comfortable while I’m stuck in my house. So, I built this:

blanket fort

A blanket fort!! Because blanket forts? Rule!! Yes, I’m 41, but they are as awesome now as they were when I was 7 and I am completely unapologetic about it! And let me just tell you, this picture does not do my blanket fort justice. I, in fact, built the MOTHER of all blanket forts. I built a blanket mansion! It had like 6 separate rooms, secret entrances and tunnels. It. Was. Awesome. I holed myself up in there for hours this afternoon with a book and lost myself to the innocence and wonder that only a blanket fort can provide. It was my grandmother who taught me to build the perfect blanket fort, and we spent hours of my youth cuddled inside our cotton and down creations, reading and talking and escaping our respective trials and tribulations. It was one of the greatest things she ever taught me and I put it to good use today.

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