Welcome, Can I Get You Some Tea?

OK, so here’s the deal: some maniac was spamming the comments section of my old blog. As a result, each entry was inundated with comments regarding one of three subjects: penis enlargement, online poker, or antidepressant medication for sale. Efreakingnuff already! Until I could figure out how to shut off comments for a while and perform a mass comment edit, I was in the unfortunate position of having to MANUALLY delete each comment. I SO did not have time for that. On the other hand, I couldn’t simply apologize to any offended readers and move on without correcting the problem because all the spamming was kicking the hell out of my bandwidth and I ran out of space.

So, I picked up and moved on. TypePad is home to the new The Midnight Disease.   I have a lot of catching up to do, blog-wise. In the meantime, I’ve posted herein some of the more popular (and/or controversial) entries from the old blog.

A note: Please stop spamming me. Seriously. And if any readers out there happen to be proficient Moveable Type users and you’d like to share with me the Jedi secret of turning OFF the damn comments, that would rock. And, oh, would the meatball who started this spam campaign kindly step out from the shadows so I can kick your ass. Thank you.

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